3G Radar is an Investment Management company with a long-term investment horizon and focus on Brazilian equities.

If you are a Brazilian investor, please refer to the Portuguese version of this website for complete information.

Investment Philosophy

We seek undervalued investments with discount to intrinsic value. We focus on long-term absolute risk-adjusted returns and are disciplined to follow a rigorous bottom-up dashboard process based on qualitative and quantitative inputs. 

3G Radar Fund

The fund aims to generate real returns above the Brazilian long-term opportunity cost, investing mainly in Brazilian stocks that are traded below their intrinsic value. Our main objective is to compound returns for the next 20-30 years. Our partnership with 3G Capital improves our investment process, corporate access, and operations.


We are an investment company with an experienced team of professionals that has been working together for many years. Our partnership is based on meritocracy, where over 75% of partners’ remuneration is reinvested in our funds. We are transparent with our team, our investors and companies in which we invest.

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