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Compared to low lift blades, these are much bigger in size and they can do much more. Thicker grass and even some weeds can be plucked out with this blade. Capable of cutting both small and large grass, this blade can be used for both residential and commercial use.

The first thing that you need to consider is the shape of the blade. We’re saying this because these products come in various shapes, and it is crucial to pick the one that suits your lawnmower. Purchasing a lawnmower blade often proves to be trickier than it seems, and if you don’t know exactly what to look for, you may lose a lot of time and money. Before you start mowing, check the length of the grass. It should be 1/3 longer than your preferred length.

John Deere Company Information

These blades are medium/high lift blades that work over a five-pointed star mount. The length of an individual blade is 21” in length, 2-¼” in width, and a thickness of .149”. This USA Mower Blade can, in fact, mulch your yard if that is the type of blade you are interested in. It can also perform as a high lift blade, meaning it can be used for bagging. It should be noted that these blades were not made to mulch. They can be used with a bag as high lift blades, but they do not mulch your grass.

The manufacturer points out that the blades work best with Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, and Craftsman machines. The Gator blades are 18.5 long and 2.5 inches wide, and while they may be able to fit other brands’ 54-inch deck mowers, this isn’t always the case. In case this is your first time buying a mulching blade, or you want to try a new model, the multi-piece set might not be the best choice.

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Shoppers on a budget will appreciate how affordable this 2-blade kit is as compared to most competitors. This is a set of US-made commercial replacement mulching blades that stands out due to its quality build. The blades will fit a variety of mower models with a cut of 42”, mostly by Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman.

  • These mulching blades are designed to fit mowers with a 42 inches deck and a center hole with a 5-pointed star shape.
  • Usually, trees and grass are very efficient in taking nutrients from the soil and reserves them onto their leaves.
  • A lot of returns can be reduced if there is knowledge of what the product will fit and whether or not it will do the job needing to be done.
  • At the same time, if you are interested in doing all the tasks on a single period of time, mulching blades can do it for you.
  • A mulching blade, also known as a gator blade, are favored by designers and professional gardeners.
  • These mowers have cutting widths that range from about 34 inches all the way up to 52 inches.
  • I just cannot run into any grass, wet or dry, that causes my mower problems with clumps and stuff like that.
  • Working over wet grass is not something these blades can do very well.
  • As always, see if the value that a manufacturer offers corresponds with the price of their product by reading reviews such as ours or checking customers’ comments.
  • It’s widely accepted nowadays that evenly spread clippings that a mulching mower leaves behind don’t cause this kind of problem.

It can cut the grass into tiny bits and pieces, and it’ll go through almost anything in its path. These mulching blades are made from heat-treated steel, which means that they’re significantly more durable than your average lawnmower blade. Branches, nuts, and roots will not damage or affect it in any way. Maybe the center hole on the blade doesn’t fit your lawnmower, or perhaps the blade is faulty. After the shape comes the size, or shall we say length.

They won’t go over five-pointed stars nor will they sit tight in circular mounts. This model is more than capable of mulching, though it is possible for you to use it as a high lift blade. This blade is only to be used with Toro lawn mowers.

The things to look for are the ratings, the reviews and the questions asked about the product. There was only one reviewer of this product and he reported that it worked great and that everything fit as it should where it should. The only person who had anything negative to say stated that they didn’t get the right blades when they ordered.

How To Get Best Cut When Using Mulching Blades?

MR55B – Rough Cut model with 57″ cutting width, electric start engine, manual clutch engagement and powered by a large 23 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Twin Cylinder Engine. If you are a company engaged in the sale of spare parts for special machinery, you can become our supplier. Get hundreds of customers doing nothing, attract them with your price. Also, we offer you a personal website for your business management. I grew up on a farm that used John Deere exclusively.

Set the mower back on the ground and reattach the spark plug. Place the file at the top of the cutting edge, replicating the angle of the cutting edge as closely as possible. Slide the file down the cutting edge in a single stroke. Receive 15% off the agreed upon purchase price of one or more Material Collection Systems, Mulch Kits and/ or Bluetooth Attachments for Riding Lawn Equipment.

The Best Lawn Mower Blade On The Market 2021

There are two standard shapes you’ll come across when looking at mounts. They work best regularly and can handle taking care of smaller yards, less space, and less wild grass. Keeping up with a low lift blade isn’t hard and they work well for casual periodic use. They can be used very diversely over a wide scale of machines with a star five-pointed mount and they are extremely easy to install when replacing your old ones. There are small notes you have to keep in mind when you’re using these blades. Firstly, you have to sharpen these blades before you use them, and once or twice a year to keep them working in ideal condition.

As I had stated, the Gators had a lower noise level, but they kicked up a ridiculous amount of dust . The issue -I- had with the mulch kit was my own doing. Otherwise, I’ve used it three years without an issue.

On the other hand, the Cub is a lot of machine that should speed your mowing to faster completion. Hold the blade at the angle of the cutting edge bevel, pressing it into the grinder in short intervals as you move the cutting edge to the side. Continue this over the course of several passes until the blade is sharp, then repeat it with the cutting edge on the other side. Apply downward pressure to the Gator blade to keep it tight against the board, then remove the bolt or bolts that are in the center of the blade with a long-handled wrench.

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These blades can lift more in one go, clearing out any clippings of grass from your yard. This blade is the most standard and easiest to find. As it’s in the middle of high and low lift blades, this is the ideal option for larger gardens. It’s stronger than a low lift blade but it does not harshly eat at your yard as a high lift would.

Using the right equipment can make all the difference between being happy getting your hands dirty and wishing you’d never started. Therefore, at, we’re aimed at sharing our experience-based tips on the best tools on the market. Our equipment reviews are 100% accurate, honest, and reliable. We are real people with years of experience in the field, so you can always reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Whether there are obstacles on the ground or not, if the ground is not level, then your blades will twist and bend very easily, not to mention miss out on most of the grass. The length of the blade is 21 inches while the width is 2-¼”. Like most other blades, it’s always better to sharpen it before using them. These blades can run through thicker stocks of grass without them getting stuck in between the blades.

Toro 22 Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534p (only For Toro)

In fact, one reviewer stated that it was stronger than the original blade. Mulching leaves and/or grass takes a different blade than a mowing blade. While a mulching blade can cut grass it usually doesn’t do it as well.

Working over wet grass is not something these blades can do very well. If not bent, then they’re not properly balanced and this creates immense vibrations when the lawnmower is working. This can disturb your grip on the lawnmower as well as not properly cut the grass. You’ll get uneven patches on the grass and some of it may not have cut at all.

The John Deere owning relative I’ve already mentioned has some experience with these blades. In her opinion, they could easily compete with the more expensive Arnold model in terms of performance. The Rotary blades don’t really arrive sharp; there’s a layer of paint covering the cutting edge that you need to knock off before using them. The blades are unlikely to perform better than the original John Deere ones straight out of the box. However, they easily outdo the stock kit when sharpened a bit, leaving hardly any uncut patches even in wet weather. Indeed, mulching your grass clippings has a lot of benefits.

These blades do have an issue when put up against hard soil and rocks. On impact against too hard and hot, these blades bend on the sides which will ruin their functionality. If you decide you’re interested, and I’m headed there , I’d be happy to meet up if you wanted to have a second set.

We hope this article gave you all the necessary information that you were looking for. This blade contains a wing that is situated at the back so that it can create more airflow to push all the grass straight into the bag. At the same time, if you are interested in doing all the tasks on a single period of time, mulching blades can do it for you. If you have a garden and you are looking for ways to cut the grass efficiently, mulching is the best technique to go for. Not only that, but you will also be taking part in making the environment greener and healthier. Frayed grass blade ends allow moisture to evaporate from a lawn more easily, requiring more irrigation and more money spent keeping it green.

This was my first experience with this type of blade. Tomorrow I will be doing jobs I do weekly and several more that are every other week. My only regret so far is having not getting a set of these several years ago. I also bought another set of regular blades when I bought these gator blades.

Pick a day when there will be no rain for straight 2 to 3 days. It’s a 3-in-1 blade that will bag the grass clipping, chop all of them in small and accurate pieces, and leave all of them securely onto your lawn. So, you can do all 3 of those tasks with the help of these blades. In case your grass is getting bigger, and you gator mulching blades review don’t want to undergo the hassle of continuously emptying the catch bag and putting it into the garbage bag, use mulching blades. If you are planning to mow your lawn for 3 to 4 days per week, you have to use mulching blades in this case. If your blades are beyond sharpening, find replacements at your local Ariens dealer.

For many, it is one of the best mulching blades available. A few reviewers spent quite a bit of time explaining both how much he liked it and how some of the other reviewers might have made a mistake in installation. Buying a replacement blade for your mower can be a challenging endeavor because you have to find the right fit. Key points of consideration include the blade size, manufacturer number, construction material and shape. This item is a tooth mulcher blade that allows you to collect all the cut debris with the release. In addition to its high dependability, this blade is highly affordable, even for first-time buyers.

Two reviewers reported that the speed of the blade was too high, and it overheated the battery. One trimmed it down slightly so it wouldn’t but did not recommend the purchase. That said there were plenty of people who liked it and said it worked perfectly for them.


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